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Autofill coupon code

Is it possible to create an URL that will autofill a coupon code? For example, if we send it out via an email campaign with a special coupon.

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Hi there

Do you want to create a plan specific hosted page URL along with a coupon? If yes, the coupon can be passed as an 'extra parameter' along with the hosted page URL.


URL Format:<plan-id>?subscription[coupon]=<coupon-name>


In the format shown above, the coupon is added to the hosted page URL of the plan. You can find more information here


To display the coupon field on the hosted checkout page, mark "Show" for the "Discount Code" field under Settings > Hosted Pages Settings > Field Configurations > click Update to save your changes. This will display the discount code in the hosted checkout page.




Is this what you're looking for?

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