Handling unit price with more than 2 decimals

I'm trying to bill for credit packages of X API calls for 0.005 EUR per credit by adding a non-recurring addon to a plan. Unfortunately when I try to create a subscription with a 3 decimal unit price I just get the error "invalid currency format" and can't proceed. What's the recommended solution here? Sell credit packages in increments of 10 for 0.05 EUR? Doesn't make it easy for our sales people...

Hi Vaughn

Support for 3 decimal numbers is already a feature request we have in place, I have added your request to setup the priority and so that you are notified when the feature is released. For now, you have to avoid charges with 3 decimals or round off the invoice amount, sorry. You can enable this from the Settings » Site Settings » Site Info.


Hi Meena,

Good to know, thanks.

I'm searching for an accounting system ,and I still evaluating yours ,but I have the same situation, is there any news for this feature

Best Regards

Hi Amro

Just to let you know, Chargebee is a subscription management system which will handle all your recurring billing, invoicing and lifecycle management starting from trial for your customers. 

We do have plans to support 3 decimals in the future but unfortunately, we don't have a timeline on this.

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