How do you handle disputes?


We are using as our payment gateway, and since you're listening to Stripe's webhooks, I was wondering how do you deal with automatic refund (or dispute)? Do you create a refund too in Chargebee to keep them synced? Or do we need to create an automation between Stripe dispute event and Chargebee refund? What do you think is the best way to handle this case? 

Thank you :)

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Hi Alexandre

As of now, the refunds made in Stripe for disputes are not synced back to Chargebee automatically, sorry. We do understand that this is not the best way to handle and our developers are working to automate this process. I'm unable to give you an ETA on this but we'll definitely notify you once we automate or simplify the process.

Until then, you may have to record the refunds manually in Chargebee. Alternatively, you can also refund the payments directly in Chargebee when a customer raises a dispute.

This is still in development? Are there any news?
Is there a way to handle it with zapier (as far as I see, not), or a open source script, that handels it?
Or do we have to develop it ourselves?

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