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Return of my funds #355.47 my claim #53675 in chat

 I have a refund coming from your company $355.47 released to my account some days ago I'm told. I have not received.  Requested 12 days ago now???  I was told yesterday 5/24 by Bo Kane of

"Stripe is the merchant that refunded your funds. I see on my end that it was processed days ago and should show in your account already. Sorry about the delay, they should know more."

Please advise.  my debit card is Visa 4342 5622 6500 1972 my name on card is Larry Parker.

Thank you for your prompt handling of this matter.



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Hi Larry

I see that you've already contacted us over the phone. As discussed, I understand that you're looking to reach out to Stripe regarding your refund transaction. However, you've reached out to Chargebee here - a subscription management system that integrates with Stripe for processing payments.

So you'd need to get in touch with Stipe support for further assistance.



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