Customisable Invoice Footer

If possible we'd like to be able to set a custom footer to appear on our Invoices and Credit Notes.

The product we sell to our customers is different to our actual company name so we want to include something like...

"XXXX is a trading product of YYYY Limited, Company Number 1234567, VAT Registration GB 123 456 78"

For the moment we've added this as a global invoice note but this isn't ideal as it's too prominent, the position isn't right and we may well use invoice notes for other things specific to that invoice in the future.  Having some control to add content to the footer would be ideal.


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Hi Ben

Thanks for sharing your use-case and your feedback. I have forwarded this to our Product team for their consideration during future revamps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Any updates here since this also is a no go for us?

Hi Michael,

I'm sorry to say that we still don't have the feature to add custom invoice footer. You can have invoice notes specific to an invoice in the subscription and customer level.

We'll make sure to give you an update once we take this up.

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