Reliable payment methods for my online store?


I am looking for a secure online payment system for my new online store. I have a boutique and planning to start an online store as well.  So I need a merchant account provider for my eCommerce site. I want a secure, cost effective and reliable merchant processing for my business. But since it is a startup, I am really worried about all this. In my research online, I have found an international merchant account for payment processing. So is this a good option? Or any other reliable payment methods? Need good suggestions on this. Thank you.

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Hi Parker

Thank you for contacting us.

I understand that you are looking for a payment gateway for your business.

Chargebee is a subscription management system which will handle all your recurring billing, invoicing and life cycle management starting from trial for your customers. We work on top of payment gateways and provide an integration with them.

Unfortunately, we are not a payment gateway by ourselves but we work with them to collect payments online using our recurring billing platform.

Here’s a list of payment gateways we support by country.

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