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  I update the subscription using the below.



Now, when i try to retrieve the url using the below code, I do not see the plan_quantity param in the URL. 

Result result = HostedPage.checkoutExisting().subscriptionId("<SUBSCRIPTION_ID>").embed(true).iframeMessaging(true).request();

HostedPage hostedPage = result.hostedPage();

Even, I update the pla_quantity url myself, The price is in the checkout page is not getting updated with the plan quantity.


Am i missing anything here?

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Hi Baskar

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

Are you just looking to add the plan's quantity to the checkout page? If yes, here's a doc showing the steps to do it. You should not be passing the quantity after generating the checkout page URL.

Also, note that the update subscription API and checkout existing subscription are 2 different actions. You'll be using the update subscription API to make the changes to the subscription directly without involving the checkout page. Whereas, the checkout existing subscription API will generate a checkout page considering the parameters you pass. 

Example: if you pass the subscription[plan_quantity] parameter with the value 4, the checkout page will be generated showing the price for 4 quantities. You should pass the relevant parameters and not embed them to the generated URL.

Hope this helps!


Meena N


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