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I provide web hosting. How can I save the website address in chargebee instead of just knowing the customer has "3 licenses" of the "basic-website" addon ?

Right now I use a 0$ base plan and a single addon type for all websites purchased on a single subscription. How can I save the each website address corresponding to each add-on?

There are custom fields for addons:

Can I have one custom field per addon quanity (3 URL fields for a signle quantity based addon of qty 3)? Or I have to create a json myself with a list of URLs because there is a signle custom field per addon type, whatever the quantity is?


Hi Mike

Can you clarify how do you intend to use the custom field data in your end? If the idea is to store the URLs customers is hosting in your service, you can use a Multiline Text custom field to store the data. This will be easier to manage than using meta-data or multiple custom fields.

I have a single addon right now 'standard-hosting'. Because the only way of having multiple subscriptions on a single invoice is to use addons. I don't want my clients who have 3 websites with my pay 3 separate times in a single month.

Now, I want to know which URLs were purchased. I want to store the url of the website for each addon added. I don't want to only know that my client has 3 'standard-hosting' on its subscription. I would have to keep something on my end and things may go out of sync. Especially if one day I have other addons.

What do you think is the best option?

I am now exploring the option to programmatically add 1 addon for every website purchased. Each addon would be unique to a website. Is there a limit on the number of addons I can add in the system? Can I have one million different addons?

Thanks for the details!

You can certainly use custom fields to implement this. There's no limit to the number of addons that can be created in Chargebee :) 

The plan/addon specific custom fields cannot be displayed on the hosted pages as of now. They can be used to store data for your future reference. I would suggest that you create custom fields for subscription and use them to collect the website details during the checkout. Would this help?

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