Make sure trial can only be used once


I want to offer web hosting. I want to offer a trial period only for the first hosting.

Then I want my customers to be able to order multiple hosting for different websites.

How can I make sure the trial is used only once per account, on the first website hosting ?

Do I have to manage this rule on my end ?

Hi Mike

Can you help me out with some additional information so that I can make better suggestions:

  • Will you be providing your customers access to their Chargebee Customer Portal account or will you be managing their account in your end?
  • Will you be comfortable using APIs to setup this workflow?

1. I will be managing their account on my end

2. I will use the API (but still I would like to use the hosted payment page if possible for the payments)

Here's the current solution I found. Maybe there's a better one: I created a subscription that includes 1 site. Then I created an add-on for each additional websites.

Hi Mike

I'm sorry for the delay in addressing this. Can you also clarify if customers will always purchase a single site in the beginning and add more sites later or will they be purchasing multi-site hosting in the beginning? If they do purchase a multi-site hosting during sign up, will you be providing trial to all their sites for the first time? 

Sorry for asking too many questions - Just trying to understand your use case better. 

No worries if we can clarify everything so that its easier for everyone this is the best.

I would let the user use the trial for a single site. If he wants to add a second site, this means he likes the product so I would transfer its subscription to a paid one and end the trial. I guess that's the easier way to do it. If it is possible to make the trial continue on the 1st site while adding paid others AND this is as easy and not complicated as the first scenario, let's do it this way.

If they purchase multi sites in the beginning, they won't have access to a trial (see above).

Hi Mike,

Sorry about the very delayed reply. 

This conversation was missed out for some reason. 

I see you had this suggestion more than a year ago. 

Do you need more assistance on this? 

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