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Is CSS customization supported for hosted pages?

Can I modify the look and feel of the hosted checkout payment pages of ChargeBee?

How do I implement some of the text that helps assure our customers in the checkout page and helps conversions better?

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Yes. When using our hosted payment pages with themes, you can edit the CSS that is contained within the theme file to customize its appearance.

ChargeBee’s hosted page themes are built on top of Twitter’s Bootstrap framework, which gives you the flexibility to redesign the checkout page to match your website’s look and feel. These themes are mobile device compatible too.

You can download our sample theme files and make your changes, then upload them to your site.

Please note that our sample themes are only available in your ChargeBee TEST site and will not be available in your ChargeBee LIVE site. This is to ensure that you don't accidentally upload a work in progress theme into your LIVE site.

For more information, please visit
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