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LineItems has contradictory discounts

In December for billing for my company Powered Now, having used the Export facility, we noticed that invoice 1335 has three lines in the LineItems file - Plan, Add-on and Coupon. The total of the discounts held against the Plan and Add-on lines does not equal the amount on the Coupon line. The discounts are incorrect against the Plan and Add-on lines as the amount collected (and total in the Invoices file) respects the total discount on the Coupon line.

We noticed this when doing some detailed reconciliations.



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Hello Chris,

From the logs, we see that the total discount in the coupon line and the line items discount are balanced. Below are the discount details:

Annual Team Subscription -91.70*1 = -91.70

Additional team user -31.50*6 = -189.00

Coupon- Willoughby35 = - 280.70 

Could you give us some details on how you are importing the invoice details to do the reconciliations so that we can investigate further?

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