gateway change please ASAP

Hi guys please REMOVE Stripe from my gateway as i want to syncronise with my WORLDPAY gateqay please. 

Please remove Stripe as my gateway. I need to use a different one per my merchant. Thanks

Hi Monica,

It is now possible to remove the payment gateway from your end. 

Navigate to Settings>>Configure Chargebee>> Payment Gateways. Choose Manage Rules option and click on Edit button. Select "Don't use any payment gateway" option from the drop-box. Then click on the Stripe gateway listed in your gateways and choose Remove option on the top right. Later on, you can configure another gateway by choosing Add a Gateway option.


You cannot delete the payment gateway if there are cards stored in your gateway account. If this is your case,

1. Do you want to delete all the cards linked to your Stripe gateway?

If yes, you can do this in your Chargebee account which will, in turn, delete the cards in your Stripe account. Once this is done, you can delete the payment gateway. 

2. Or do you want to migrate your existing subscriptions into any other payment gateway?

If so, you can submit a migration request from your Chargebee site, go to Settings>> Migrate into Chargebee and choose Request Migration option. Once you fill in the details, we'll schedule the migration process for you. Once the cards are migrated to the new gateway account, the current account can be deleted.

Let us know if this solved your query and if not please get back to us for further clarification.


Hello Dani,

As per our conversation in Ticket #42998, we've removed Stripe from your account. You can now go ahead and configure Worldpay for your site under Gateway settings.

Please reach out to us if you have any queries.

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