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Promo code form not showing on order page & Trial not showing on order page.

Hi there,

I'm having issues with a product that I created. I can not see any place to put the coupon code into the hosted order page NOR do I see any place that indicates to the customer the billing terms. 

Here's a sample order form:

Please advise.

Hi Luke,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Hope you are doing great! 


Coupon Code: To show the coupon field on the hosted checkout page, check "Show" for the "Discount Code" field under Settings > Hosted Pages Settings > Field Configurations. Once checked, click Update at the bottom to save your changes. Now, you will see the option to apply discount code in your hosted checkout page.


Here's a screenshot for reference:





Trial/Plan Information: To display information about your plans, you can use Chargebee's the Trial Information field under Info & Alerts. This option will allow you to display a description on checkout pages, at the bottom of the Order Summary section.


Here's how you could accomplish this:

Go to Settings -> Hosted Pages Settings -> Info & Alerts section

Scroll down to the Checkout section, select the Show checkbox against Trial Information

Enter the plan description for different plans in the following format:

{{ plan-id1}}

Plan 1 description

{{/ plan-id1}}


{{ plan-id2}}

Plan 2 description

{{/ plan-id2}}


Using the Plan ID is preferable so that you can display content specific to each plan

Feel free to be creative with other MergeVar that suit your needs.

Here's a screenshot for reference:


Here's a sample that shows how this would appear on the hosted checkout page:


Let me know if this helps. We've also emailed you this information via your ticket. 


I just spent 30 minutes reading through all your FAQs, the entire coupon section. This information was not found ANYWHERE. It's very frustrating to have to track this feature down after creating a coupon and expecting to be able to enter it immediately. I suggest editing your site so users know where to find this hidden "show discount code" field. Frustrated. 

Our apologies, Bryan! 

I understand it should have been in our coupons document itself to let the merchants know where this field can be enabled. 

I have notified our documentation team on this. 

We will have this fixed soon. 

Thanks for your feedback. 

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