Making fields mandatory in Web Interface "Create Subscription"

I know it's possible to configure fields to be mandatory in the customer checkout forms, but can we force the same fields to be mandatory on the following page?

Just met the case where it breaks one of my integration because of a malicious user.

Hello Erwan,

I completely understand your concern and I have tagged you to the feature request in place to bump up it's priority.

Our product team would certainly consider this for future enhancements and we would get back to you once we have this feature.

Hi Liz, 

As the hosted pages are usually filled by the customer who wouldn't be aware of what fields needs to be filled mandatorily, this option is usually provided for hosted pages.

However, the create subscription page is usually handled by the merchant who are generally aware of the information they require from their subscribers. Therefore, there's currently no option to set mandatory fields for this page. The merchants can fill as much or as little information as required in this page. 

Hi Lakshmi,

While I understand the intent, I believe you're grossly overestimating the average users' situational awareness. ;)

Particularly when it comes down to integrating Chargebee with other platforms, it's important to be able to enforce certain required fields. At this point, it's basically possible to generate a Subscription that belongs to nobody in particular, which could get very messy quickly.

I'd love to see this turned into a feature request, if possible.

Hi Liz,

Fair point :) I've created this as a feature request for our Product team. While we're not in a position to give out an ETA right away as the team is held up with our priority feature roadmap for a while, this is being followed up with them internally and we'll keep you posted if this is taken up. 

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