Embedded Checkout Form in Wordpress

I want to embed a payment form on our website using Chargebee's forms.

I've seen the documentation on this issue but it's tremendously confusing.

In a nutshell:

I want to embed a form that a user can select a subscription plan and then enter their card details and then get a confirmation message - all from our Wordpress site.

I've tried using the Wordpress plugin but it does not suite our needs since we do not need a paywall for our site. This is for users who simply support our organization and give monthly donations. I don't want our users to login to our site to cancel/modify their subscriptions. I want them to access that information via their emailed receipts. 

The PHP documentation is confusing and I'm unclear on how to do this. I'm fairly computer savvy but the process for doing this is stumping me.

How do I accomplish this?

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Hi Adam,

If you do not want your customers to leave your webpage, you can embed the checkout page in an iFrame.

You can use our APIs to retrieve the hosted checkout page like, Checkout New or Checkout Existing.


An Ideal flow will be;

Your customer fills out a form on your website where you capture the customer information and subscription details.

Based on the customer's selection the plan along with the customers details is passed via the API and a hosted page is retrieved. 

This hosted page can be loaded in an iFrame, embedded in your website, and the customers can then complete the sign up by providing their payment information.

The Hosted page will need to be configured to only display the Account & Payment Information fields from the field configuration.

I believe you're also in touch with us over email and my colleague has requested for a phone call if you're convenient. Let us know if that works for you.

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