Export/backup of site data


there is Bulk Import function in ChargeBee site, but no Export or Backup function.

Assuming client system/web-site was hacked and CB API is stolen all data can be deleted/tempered.

Sure, client can make export via API at regular basis, but it would be great to have such option built-in.


Hey Vlad,

We do have an option to export all your Subscriptions, Product Catalog, and Invoice information from Chargebee. This is present under Reports -> Export Data. You also have the same option present under the corresponding tabs under Subscriptions and Product Catalog.

Do check it out and let us know if you've any questions.

Well, it's not exactly what I mean. I would like to have single file export/import operation (e.g. JSON) easily allowing export, revision comparing and restoring operation.

Anyway do you have some internal operations log/snapshots as a disaster recovery measure?



Hey Vlad, 

Our data export options provided within the application are primarily meant to support data portability and provided with a view of making importing into other systems easier. You can always use Vlookups to combine information from sheets. I'll put it forward to our Engineering team to consider allowing this via APIs, in JSON format for future roadmap. 

As for the internal operations log, we use Amazon's RDS in Multi-AZ deployment model to ensure high availability. Automated backups are configured for RDS, with the data being backed for up to 30 days. 

Apart from that, we also take incremental backups. 

Finally, as part of our disaster recovery measures,we also have replicate a real-time instance of our application to our servers in EU Frankfort region as failsafe option.

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