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OS portal - wrong invoice display

Here is invoice created with "Add charge" and "Charge immediately". It has date 1/1/70 and "Paid" comment though it's in Due payment status.

Here is screen short form our test site:


Hi Vlad,

Sorry about the delay in responding to this. I'll ask our Engineering team to look into this. We'll reach out to you in case we need more clarification 

Exactly the same thing happens with when subscription created as trial with Auto collection is Off, and then trial end changed to Now.
Actually I found fix for this problem:

1) Printing invoice date:
Should always be print date, not paidAt:
<?php echo date('d-M-y', $invoice->date) ?>


 2) Printing paying date:

Should print only if status is payed:

<?php if ($invoice->status == "paid") echo 'Paid on '. date('d-M-y', $invoice->date) ?>

 Best regards

Thanks for the update Vlad. Our Engineering team has informed us that they'll update the code soon. 

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