VAT Report?

We're just setting up VAT in Chargebee, but I cannot find any way to see a report of how much VAT we've charged per country. We would need this to submit data to VATMOSS.

What's the suggested way for getting a report on VAT?

Hi Jan,

You would be able to get a complete report of your invoices from Reports -> Export Data -> Invoices -> Select Criteria to Export and use the filter options to download the set of invoices as per your need.

In the downloaded export, the file Invoices.csv would contain all the details about each invoice, including the tax details of that invoice under the Tax Total column.

Alternatively, you can also view the LineItems.csv file and filter the tax line items to get a list of collected taxes.

These CSV files will also have the customer ID. You can use this customer ID to get the customer's country from the file Customers.csv

Thanks for this. 

It would be great to have VAT info on the reporting interface, so we don't need to go through Excel every time. Just as a feature suggestion.

Thank you for the feedback Jan. We'll take this forward to our Engineering team for future roadmap and we'll let you know when we take this up. 

On the same trend, if we could have the VAT country, that would help.

In europe we need to report VAT per country.

Jan, BTW, if you are using VATMOSS, I would be interested in your feedback and how you do it (jmc [at] ironbird [dot] fr).

Hi Jean,

Thank you for adding your feedback. I'll include your feedback as part of the feature request for our team to consider. 

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