Can you create Subscription Specific hosted Page Url?

I want to be able to send a client a link to pay their invoice for the specific Subscription. I know you can do this for the Plans, but can you do this for the Subscriptions?

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Quick Question: Are you looking to attach addons/coupons with the hosted page Plan URL to create the subscription?

If that is the case, the default syntax for passing addon is:[id]


And, the default syntax for passing coupon is:[coupon]=couponID

Here's a document giving more information on this.

No I want to be ablt to send a client a Payment link for the specified invoice for the Client. So If a client has a $150 subscription set up and we want to collect payment, can we send them a link like the Payment "Plan" links but they are specific per each client's subscription? Hope this makes sense.

Hey Joe,

It is not possible to send a payment link for a specific invoice alone, sorry.

You could send the customer an update payment method link to add/update their card details. Once updated, the card details will be stored in the payment gateway's vault and the last 4 digits will be stored in Chargebee.

In your case, you could send the customer the link so that they can add their card details and then use the 'collect now' option on the invoice to collect the payment from the customer.

The payment method link can be sent to the customer from the Chargebee web interface under Subscriptions -> Send Email -> Mail Templates -> Request payment method details.

Hope this helps.

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