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We embed open source portal in our site - with object tag.

Upon click on "Edit Payment Method" ChargeBee site is also open inside our HTML page. But if 3rd party cookies are disabled in browser it doesn't work properly - in test mode no credit card number list is shown on click in number field, and no entered card info is saved.

So is it possible to get ChargeBee Payment Method page working beeing embedded in HTML with 3rd party cookies disabled (as in can be real case)?


Hi Vlad, 

We are investigating if there are any possibilities to accomplish this without having 3rd party cookies enabled. We need some more time to test this thoroughly. We'll give you an update shortly on the feasibility. 

Hey Vlad,

Apologies for missing this out earlier. 

We tried this on our end, by loading the Update Payment Method hosted page inside object tag with 3rd party cookies disabled, and we're able to view the test cards and update the payment method details.

Would you be able to elaborate the steps you took while testing this? Please include additional information such as your browser version and OS. 

Additionally, would you be able to clarify why you're using object tag? 

would you be able to clarify why you're using object tag?
We would like to have portal as part of our page (with menu, other information, etc.) without need to implement all html elements already existing in portal.

the steps you took while testing this?

We have html code like this:

<object style="width: 100%; height: 1000px; margin-top: 0px;" data="/somepath/customer-portal-php/portal/index.php" type="text/html"></object>


So we have portal appearing in the HTML frame. Click on Add Payment Information, then Cancel. Error message is Sorry, the request is not Ajax

browser version and OS.

Windows 7/64, FireFox 48

Well, it seems to be FireFox related... Chrome and Safari in OS X working...

FireFox don't pass any cookies to URL https://****** when it open inside frame.

Probably parameters passed in cookie can passed as GET/POST parameters?

Thank you for the detailed response Vlad. I'll forward this to our Engineering team for further debugging. 

Thanks for discussing this topic in detail, I need it very badly and this help me more as a guide, I also contact to safari support phone number which also gives nice suggestion according to my need. 

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