Using hosted page page but also redirect URL

Hello there,

I'm new to Chargebee and I'm wondering if I can use a hosted page for, say for instance, checkout, and if succeded show the hosted congratulations page BUT also use the redirect URL.

My concern is that I have to do some stuff based on the selected plan in my back-end, and I don't want to worry about PCI or anything like that. Same applies for plan cancellation.

Or, if not via redirect, maybe you provide some webhooks?



Hello Alejandro! 

Upon successful checkout you can either redirect your customers to the hosted Thank You page or to a custom URL. You can also have a link on your Thank You page to redirect your customers back to your website. 

We do trigger Webhook notifications for events that occur in Chargebee. Since your requirements are for receiving the subscription information, to handle stuff at your back-end, you can make use of the Webhooks to collect information and perform actions based on them. Please find below the link to a complete overview of Events & Webhooks on Chargebee.

Is this what you're looking for?


Yup, exactly what I'm looking for, now I don't even need a redirect, I can handle eveything with events and webhooks! Cheers!

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