Pay existing invoices when adding payment method


if Auto collection is OFF invoice is marked as Payment Due. But when then Payment method added and Auto collection is set to ON invoice is not payed automatically and collection should be triggered for each invoice manually.

Wouldn't be nice to collect payment for existing invoices in such case?


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Hey Earl,

I understand that you would like to allow your customers to purchase addons along with their existing subscriptions.

Here is what you can do - 

On successful creation of a subscription, you can redirect the customers to a page where they can choose the addon and then trigger the Checkout existing subscription API. You will need to pass the subscription ID and the selected addon, which will open up the Checkout pop-up and the customer will be able to checkout. The customers will be Charged only for the addon.

Re-Collect Now API, The Collect Now API gives a URL, hitting on which a page where all the Payment due invoices are listed will open up. You can choose to pay for the selected invoices.

Hope this helps.


I would like to see this as an option for Hosted Pages.

My use case:

I want to add an add-on, then collect immediately through a Hosted Page modal.

I don't understand what Hosted Pages Collect Now does... it doesn't seem t work in this scenario.

Hello Tarun, 

We have introduced the Pay Now feature, using which a customer can add a payment method and choose to pay all outstanding invoices for their subscription. 

You can read all about this feature here -

Is this something that will suit your requirements?

Prahaladh V

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Is there any update on this feature, hopefully, the feature would be in place as it was requested 2 years ago, could you explain how this works now?

Is there any update on this feature? 

Hey Pirozhkov,

We have an option called "Collect invoice on card update" under Settings > Site settings > Site info, and if you have this option enabled, Chargebee will attempt to collect the last unpaid invoice when customer updates the 'existing card'.

However, at the moment, we do not have an option to collect unpaid invoices automatically when the payment method is 'newly' added and auto-collection is turned on. I'll tag this as a feature request and notify our engineering team for consideration, but we do not have an ETA on when this would be taken up for implementation.

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