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 I have created a web application, where I want to use Chargebee for the billing. My application is a lead management system, where the clients is companies that again can have several users in their account. When a new company is signing-up then I create a sub-domain exclusive for them. Now I´m looking for a solution to automate this. I really liked the sign-up / login process of Chargebee, and I see that my needs are matching this process perfectly. I would like to ask if I got receive information if this is 100% custom made by Chargebee or if Chargebee use a third party application to handle this process. If so, then I would be most grateful to receive information about the name of the application, because I would like to also use the same setup - that would save me for a ton of development time.

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Hey Andreas,

Thanks for writing to us!

Let me convert this as a support ticket and answer it shortly.

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