Existing product price change

Currently it's not impossible to change price for product (plan or addon) that is linked to any customer (even to lower direction) or trial term.

Why not allow it in some way? May be keep automatic versioning with option to switch existing customers to new version (whether bulk or individually, immediately or on next renewal) or keep them to use existing version.

Anyway, even without this mechanism, why not to allow it? It's merchant responsibility to decide change prices for existing customers or no.


Hey Pirozhkov,

Thanks for writing to us!

Could you give us a bit more insight on your use case?

Since you're looking to collect variable payments, you could create your products as plans and make use of 'Metered Billing' feature wherein the invoice would be generated in a 'Pending State' during renewal. You could then add the respective product amount on the Invoice and close it after which Chargebee will attempt to collect payment from the customers.

Otherwise if this doesn't work, you could go with cloning the plan and make a new one for those customers.

No, I'm not about variable payments.

Assume we have 25$ plan (addon), and now we want to reduce price to 20$ for all existing and future customers.

Hey Pirozhkov,

Unfortunately such an option is not available at the moment, and I'll add it as a feature request for our engineering team to consider. We'll let you keep you posted on any further developments.

Hi Vlad

Sorry for the delayed update on this. 

We have been supporting the option to edit a plan's price for the past few months, even if it has subscriptions linked to it. Existing subscriptions tied to the plan can either be grandfathered or updated via bulk operations. 

Here's more information on this feature. Please try it out and let me know if you have any questions.

- LN

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