Coupons as scarce resources

Hi guys, 

Consider this a feature req if not already available: 

How about the option of having a particular coupon, e.g. "early bird" be depletable? I.e. only the first x users are able to use it. Being able to request the nr of open 'slots' left would be great to appeal to scarcity. 

This is similar to deals on kickstarter and indiegogo. 




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Hey Geert,

Many thanks for reaching out to us!

If you'd want a coupon to be exhaustible {only first x number of users can use it}, you could se the maximum redemption limit while configuring it. So, if the maximum redemption is set as "10", only first 10 users would be able to use it, and after which the coupon gets depleted and turns invalid.

Here's a screenshot for your reference:

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