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Open Source Portal - no Prev. link on invoices div.



Hey Pirozhkov,

Unfortunately, implementing "prev" link is not possible for now as we provide only the 'next_offset' and not the 'prev_offset' in our API, Sorry.

We'll certainly let you know if the option is made available in the future.

I guess it can be simulated with fetch from very beginning with limit set to appropriate value (though it not such effective as direct iterating).


Hey Pirozhkov,

We would like to get a bit more insight on your suggested implementation? Could you please explain?

Assume that we are looking for invoices 10..15 and want to fetch 5..10.

There is no Prev. API, but we start from very beginning fetch invoices 1..5 and then 5..10.
Though not too much efficient, but working.


Hey Pirozhkov,

Thanks for your valuable suggestion. I've notified our engineering team regarding this and we'll get back to you if they consider and take this up for implementation.

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