Online offline payment.

It's not an oxymoron ))


I didn't find an option for customer to pay due invoices online on his own, without adding payment  method, whether by credit card or via PalPal.

We would like to set Auto collection off and to give our customers option to pay each time invoices via PayPal or other gateway.

Is it possible?


Hey Pirozhkov,

Couple of follow up questions just to understand your use case better. This would help us to check with our engineering team and see if any workaround is available.

1} When Auto-Collection is set as 'OFF' by default, the invoice would be get generated in a "Payment Due" state and customer would not get charged immediately. If customers sign up on June 1st, when would you want them to make the payment for this subscription?

2} Just to confirm, would you like the customers to make payment for these invoices each time via the hosted pages?

I mean that customer receive invoice on subscription renewal and pay it on line within some time frame.
Customer can get automatic email with link to invoice and payment page. Also customer can just view his invoices list and there is button "Pay now" is present.

Hey Pirozhkov,

Thanks for your response.

Currently, you can certainly send out the "update payment method" link along with the "Payment Due" invoice in the Invoice Receipt" email notification. This could be done by adding the merge field tag -  {{customer.payment_method_update_url}} to the invoice receipt email template. By using this link, the customers will be able to provide their payment information securely on the hosted page and once that is done, the subscription charge could be collected from the configured card using the "Collect Now" option present on the right side panel of the invoice page in the web interface.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to embed the "Pay Now" link on the invoice and send it to your customers,Sorry. However, we do have plans to implement such a feature and I'll tag this to our feature request list to expedite it's priority. Though we do not have an ETA yet, we'll certainly let you know when it is made available.

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it seems that PayPal are not so much willing to enable PayPal reference transactions for new businesses thus making PayPal payments unavailable.

Is "Pay Now" feature implementation somehow advancing? Probably you can just create PayPal money request and send it to customer's email, and handle payment with PayPal IPN,



Hey Pirozhkov,

Thanks for your response.

Our engineering team is currently engaged in completing a couple of higher priority tasks such as Timezone setting, Multi-lingual support, Domain white labeling within the next two quarters. So, I'll certainly pass on your request to them and let you know when it is taken up for implementation in the future.

Cani i add button on thank you page in chargebee?

Hi Ayushi

I see that you've created a ticket for this and my colleague has addressed your query. I'm pasting the contents here as it would benefit other customers as well:

You can edit the "Thank you" page section of the theme to add a button saying "Continue" which will enable the users to move to a different page. Here is how you can do it:

1. Under Settings > Themes and then click on "Configure theme"

2. Choose "Thank you" from the left panel and put in something like this:


<button type="button"><a href="">Continue</a></button>

Here is a screenshot for your reference.


3. Click on "Save" to publish the changes.

The page would look something like this:


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