Retrivieng internal customer id


it seems that each customer has it's own numeric id (not related to regular customer ID).

How can I get it via API? I can see it in browser both on subscription page, e.g. user profile URL:

or on customer's portal page URL (user also sees this):

I wand to create session, put access URL in iframe, and store final portal URL, to skip session creation if user navigates to other site page and then returns to embedded portal page.


Hey Pirozhkov,

If you'd like to retrieve the details page Id for the customer/subscription, you could make use of this syntax - 


where, resource is customer {or} subscription

            id is customer/subscription external Id

Unfortunately, it is not possible to directly retrieve the customer/subscription's internal Id using the API. Could you please elaborate a bit more on why you'd want to retrieve and make use of it?

What I want is to achieve embedding of customer portal.

Currently I get access url and embed it into iframe. But if user goes to other page and returns to page containing iframe new access url again should be retrieved, due to unknown real portal url with internal Id.

Actually I just want to save excessive calls to ChargeBee_PortalSession::create


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