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Wordpress plugin configuration

1) Generated Webhook URL looks like

Actually part  admin:hgd765tgfrjhfdhjfhhf87587tgfh@ is not needed, as credentials should be entered anyway on webhook settings page.

2) Plugin says " Copy the URL below and paste it in the "Return URL and "Cancel URL" fields in Chargebee under "Settings > Hosted Page Settings > Hosted Checkout Page". "

But on this settings page there is no term Return URL, but Redirect URL.

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Hey Pirozhkov,

1} Actually you would need to split the webhook URL from WordPress and enter it separately in the Chargebee's web interface. While url is, the username is "admin" and the password is hgd765tgfrjhfdhjfhhf87587tgfh. 

2} Thanks for pointing it to us. I've forwarded this to the respective engineering team, and they will update it at the earliest.

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