Configurable Reply-To for SMTP

It can be useful to add configurable Reply-To address to email notification settings.

Let's say we want email to be sent via custom SMTP from, but don't want to share its password.

So we set up, use it for SMTP login and as From address, and set as Reply-To.

Hey Pirozhkov,

Thanks for writing to us!

I'll tag this as a feature request for our engineering team to consider, and let you know if such an option is rolled out during our email notification settings revamp in the future.

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Actually there is more generic solution - adding custom header to all emails sent by Chargebee, both to customers and admin, via each SMTP - Chargebee or custom.


Hey Pirozhkov,

Thanks for your suggestion.

I've forwarded your it to our engineering team, and we'll certainly reach out to you if they consider implementing it during the revamp.

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