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Activate customer portal on test site

 Hi, according to to activate it on test site I need

"Ensure a subscription with a valid email address is present for creating the portal account."

I entered valid email, but never got activation email and Customer Portal Status says Pending. See attached images.


(7.58 KB)
(14.9 KB)

Hey Pirozhkov,

Since this is your account related query and we are obliged not to address it in forum, we would like you to raise a ticket to providing the email address used for creating this subscription {along with the respective customer/subscription ID} to help us investigate further.

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Hey Pirozhkov,

It's been removed as requested :)

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I did not get the activation email. I keep clicking to resend me a new email but still do not get it!

Could you please help me with this?

Hi there

From the logs, we see that you've requested for the activation emails several times on January 24th and 25th. All the emails have been delivered successfully to your email address. Can you check the spam/junk folders of your inbox? You should have received the emails from Chargebee<>.

Can you please erase my email from your message?
And no, I use another (valid) email for test customer.


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