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I see that invoice number is sequential (at least on test site). If it's the same Live site it gives out company internal data, like number of customers.

Can you add option to generate random invoice id?


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We recently released a feature in which Chargebee provides advanced options for numbering your invoices and credit notes.

Merchants can now

  • Reset invoice numbers daily, monthly and yearly. The reset happens on the next day, month and year based on reset frequency chosen. The merchant can also specify the starting number after reset.
  • Dynamic prefixing- You can add a dynamic prefix to invoice numbers. The dynamic prefix is either Year(YYYY), Month and Year (YYYYMM)or date(YYYYMMDD) which changes on next year, next Month or next date respectively. Dynamic prefix is mandatory in case merchant want to reset invoice numbers.
  • Increment invoice number by certain value: Instead of generating invoice number as 1,2,3..now merchant can specify the difference between two numbers for ex 5 so that invoice numbers will be 1,6,11,16,21 etc..

Please find document that lets you configure these settings in your invoices.

Hi there, any updates or ETA regarding this feature? 

Hi Karsten

This seems to be a good suggestion and I thank you for that. We have the option to set invoice/credit note counters from the backend but again we don't automatically update the counters every day or every month. Whenever you want us to update the counter, we could do it.

+1 for more invoice number options. A simple solution that's not random but still doesn't reveal as much information would be to be able to base the invoice number on the invoice date, plus a sequence number for invoices generated within that day.

Hey Pirozhov,

In order to prevent clients from guessing the number of customers you're having, you could add a invoice prefix and reset it every month. Here's more information on this.

For example, you could add a prefix {say 987456} and the invoice would be generated as 9874561, 9874562, 9874563... and so on. Next month, you could reset the prefix {say 7673425} and this way the customer would not be able to recognize the invoice sequence.

Meanwhile, I'll tag your request to our feature list for our engineering team to consider and let you know if we bring an option to generate random invoice number in the future.

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Let's assume that some client get invoice #1. He can conclude he's the first client ever. Or, if number is bigger he can still make assumption about how many invoices was issued till now.

Or if this month he gets invoice #1000, and next month #2000, he understand, that probably company has 1000 other clients.

I'm not sure if every merchant would like to share such information with his clients.


Hey Pirozhkov,

Could you give us a bit more information on why you would want to have random invoice numbers? 

In Chargebee, the invoice numbers are always generated in a sequence starting from 1 {both in Test & Live sites}. This is mainly due to the fact that our merchants need sequential invoice numbers for easy reference and taxation purposes.

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