Credit Card Data Portability

Which payment gateway supports credit card portability and where are my card information stored?

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Some payment gateways support data portability and some do not. ChargeBee will make sure that your customer’s credit card data is not locked in with one payment gateway.

We store the credit card data directly with Gateways who support data portability. For those who do not support data portability, we store the data in an external vault (Spreedly) at no extra charge, so you are never locked-in with one payment gateway. As your volumes grow you can negotiate better rates or leverage multiple payment gateways to process your payments without lock-ins.

Credit Card Data Portability - Subscription Billing

Can I have you store stripe and braintree on spreedly in case they close my account?

Hi Mike,

Since we have a direct integration with Stripe and Braintree, the cards will be stored at their end. If you're planning to switch to a different gateway (eg:, the cards have to be stored in Spreedly.

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