Do not charge upon subscription activation


doc says

Chargebee bills the customer for the base fee during sign up and the usage fee will be charged during the next month's renewal.

What we want upon subscription creation is DO NOT charge base fee forward, but do this upon renewal (for passed time) with added usage.

How to do this and how to simulate it in test site?


Hey Pirozhkov,

Thanks for writing to us.

In that case, you could create a $0 dollar plan for the customer, and include both the plan fee and usage charge to the pending invoice that gets generated on renewal. Would this work?

"include both the plan fee" - do you mean via API each renewal? Well, I guess it will work.
Also I have an idea - apply one time coupon on subscription create.




Hey Pirozhkov,

Yes via API on each renewal.

Would you like to configure a plan fee and then apply a one time - 100% discount coupon such that it gets redeemed on the first invoice when customer signs up? If so, this would help you waive off the first invoice amount and collect the payment {plan fee + usage fee} from the next month onwards.

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