Metered billing base limit

 Hi, documentation says

Some businesses will also have overage charges when users exceed the base limit included in their subscription. 


So should we subtract included base limit from actual usage and send the resulting surplus to Chargebee via API or such threshold can be configured in subscription/add-on and we can send total usage and threshold will be subtracted automatically.


Hey Pirozhkov,

Many thanks for reaching out to us!

If you've already configured a base fee for the metered plan, then you would just need to include only the additional usage based charges using either "Add charge item to pending invoice" or "Add addon item to pending invoice" APIs. For example, if the plan base amount is $100 {which is charged during sign up}, and usage charges is $40, you would need to add overage alone to the pending invoice that gets generated on renewal.

Please let me know if you need any clarification.

Thanks for answer!
So I need calculate overage by myself as there no such option "base amount" for plan or subscription?


Hey Pirozhkov,

Yes. That's right.

I've provided a suggestion to the use case in your other forum post. Please find it below:

What I asked about is called "price brackets" and implemented by some other providers. It would be nice to have it also on ChargeBee. There several modes of such model - volume, tiered an stairsteps (names can vary ).

Chargify has quite elaborated scheme

I guess it's not allowed to give links to competitors on your forum ))), so it's just FYI, treat this as feature request.



Hey Pirozhkov,

Implementing such subscription models is a priority feature in our product roadmap, and I've tagged this to our feature request list to step up its priority. Though we do not have an exact timeframe on when this would be made available, we will certainly reach out to you once it is rolled out.

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