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 At checkout page I all time have quanity = 1, how can I add quantity input field, where user can input number, and price will * to quantity? http://prntscr.com/b7fgdd


Hey Mansour,

Many thanks for reaching out to us!

Currently, our hosted page is designed to receive only the payment information from customers and so we do not support explicit selection of plan quantities on it. However, during sign up, you could create a custom form in your website and collect the details from customers {based on user's selection}, you could pass the plan quantity as an extra parameter to the hosted page URL and include it to the subscription.

For this, please keep in mind that you would need to set the 'Recurring Charge Model' option to 'Per Unit' while creating a plan so that the charges on the checkout are calculated based on the quantity that you pass.

Here’s more on how to pass quantity to the hosted pages for your reference.

Meanwhile, I would like to inform you that a feature to support plan/addon quantity directly on the hosted page is in our product roadmap and I'll tag this ticket to the request list to expedite it's priority. Though we do not have an firm ETA yet, we'll certainly reach out to you when it is made available.

Drop us a note if you need any clarification.


now there is no limitation on addon quantity, so user can choose virtually unlimited number. I guess it's worth to add configurable maximum quantity for addon.



Hey Pirozhkov,

In order to limit the number of quantities a customer subscribe to, you would need to have a validation and manage at your end.

So, whenever the customer enters the quantities beyond the set level, your system should restrict the customer from getting redirected to the hosted page for making the payment.

We do have a feature request in place already to limit the plan/addon quantity on the customer portal, and perhaps I can add your request to that list and let you know when it is made available in the future.

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