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Charge at the end of subscription


I am surprised there isn't an option to charge at the end of the term.

I have worked with various workarounds, but none of them are neat enough to allow using all the functionality chargebee has to offer. When does this feature happen?


Many thanks for reaching out to us!

Quick Question: Are you looking to add an additional charge for the subscription at the end of current term?

If so, you could make use of the following APIs:

1} Add charge at term end 

2} Charge addon at term end

Please let us know if you need any clarification.

Hi Anand,

That does not work for us. We need to charge the plan amount at the end of the term. It gets very messy if we have to manually charge at term end. 


Thanks for your response.

If you're looking to collect the subscription fee only on the end of current term, you could make use of our 'Metered Billing' feature, where the invoices for each month would be generated in a 'Pending State'. You would then have to close it after which Chargebee will attempt to collect payment from the customers.

Note - This feature is mainly used for collecting variable payments {postpaid - usage based charges}, however, you could use it to fulfill your billing scenario.

Will this work?

Hi Anand,

I think that makes things too complicated.

I have plans, which can have addons. Everything needs to be charged at the end of the term. Everything should be in one invoice. What happens if an addon is added in the middle of the subscription? I have to find the previously generated invoice and add the addon to that. How do I automatically collect payments? I have to find the previous generated invoice when subscription is renewed and then close it.

Every subscription cycle I need to keep track of the invoice as well.

Now consider the situation I need to use some other functionality, such as coupons. I have to think about the design for every use case. I have to test each edge case. It's too much effort. It's not worth paying for.

How hard is it to natively support end of term payment? 


Thanks for giving an insight on your exact requirement.

In that case, as a workaround, you could configure a plan with one month trial period, thereby allowing you to collect the payments only during the end of term. Let me elucidate with an example below:

When customers sign up for the plan with one month trial, they will be not be charged anything upfront. The payment for the current term will only be charged when trial gets exhausted and subscription turns active after a month {in other words - end of current term}. If suppose, you'd like to include an addon to the subscription, you could do that and set the change to happen on next renewal, such that it is collected along the plan amount at term end.

Will this work? Please let us know.

Hey ,

I am facing the same issue with Onelyst.
I need the subscription to be charged at the end of every month.
How is your workaround going to solve this issue ? With a trial period isn't it going to be solved only for first month and still the term end will not be the end of the month.

Hey George,

Thanks for your reply.

Configuring a 30 day trial would restrict the system from collecting subscription payment immediately when the customer signs up. For example, if the customers sign up on May 1st, they will not be charged anything upfront and their next billing date would be May 31st {where the month's payment would be collected}. You could remove the field - 'Billing Period' from getting displayed on the invoice from under Settings > Site Settings > Customize Invoice & Credit Note > Select Information to Display in the web interface.

For customers signing up during mid month {say May 15th}, you could use the "Change Term End" API to change the next billing date to end of month {May 31st - by cutting short the trial period}. From then on, the subscription would renew and the payment would be collected only during the end of every month.

Please let me know if you need any clarification.

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