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Stripe Now accepts ACH. When can we expect to see that integrated into Chargebee?

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We are planning to start accepting ACH payments via Stripe by end of Q2.

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Hi Anand, will this feature be available worldwide or US-only?

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We are currently using Stripe integration to accept payments using cards. It will be important for our business to allow our customers to use ACH payments.

Tentatively in which month can we expect this feature to be available? We can make announcement to our customers accordingly.

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Hey Mayur,

Unfortunately the release of few priority features took a toll on Stripe ACH and there will be a slight delay. We are expecting this feature to be rolled out by the second week of August, 2016.

Hi Anand, will the Stripe ACH feature be available just in the US or worldwide?

Thank you.

Hey Daniele,

It will be made available in US only.

Hey Daniele,

We are glad to inform you that Stripe ACH feature has been released now :)

Here's more information on this.



Hi Anand,

thanks but I live in Italy, so it is not possible for me to use it. Are there plans to expand it? It would be a good feature.

Thank you.

Hey Daniele, 

For customers from Europe, we're working on bringing in SEPA integration with GoCardless which would help you charge your customers with Direct Debit as a payment option. Our first iteration is focusing primarily on API based integration, while we're also working on bringing in hosted pages support eventually. The first iteration is expected to be rolled out within a couple of weeks. 

Hey Daniele,

For our customers in Europe, we've released GoCardless integration via APIs last week. Here's more information on this: Direct Debit Payments via GoCardless

This feature is currently available for all test sites and will be enabled for live sites upon request. Please email if you'd like to see it enabled for your live site

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