error while adding add-on to existing subscription

I have an existing subscription which is just created, already paid and not in trial period. Then I want to add a non-recurring addon to the subcription. I used the checkout existing subscription hosted page API to create the page with curl and it returns the url for the page, but when I opened the page it shows an error:

"Non recurring addon cannot be added to a subscription changing at end of term." 

What does this mean and how can I charge a non-recurring addon to my subscription?

Hey Christian,

If you'd like to add a non-recurring addon to a paid subscription, you could use the "Create invoice for addon" API and collect the charge immediately as the customer would already have a valid card configured.

Please note that the 'Checkout existing subscription" API could be used only if the customer is not having a payment method and if the subscription is still in trial state. You could invoke this API call to collect the payment details on the hosted page and turn the subscription active.


I have exactly the same situation. The customer bought a one-off plan, which will end after one month. For this subscription it should be possible to add a non-recurring addon which should be active until the subcription itself is active. I set this addon to Quantity-based, because the customer should be able to buy more than one from this addon during his subscription period when he needs additional ones.

For this I don't want to automatically create an invoice with the same payment method. I would like to show the same type of purchase page, where the user can choose his existing payment method or define a new one.

An additional information: I would like to use hosted pages for payments, that is why I am using the Hosted pages API with the checkoutExisting, where I can add an addon to the existing subscription and get the hosted page url.

Or is this only possible if I define this addon as a subscription plan and the user will be able to buy it every time with a new customer created for him? That would be not so good, because I would like to provide a Customer Portal access to the users, but it needs a customerId, which I would have more than one for one user.


Hi Tamas

It is not possible to add a non-recurring addon to an existing subscription through our hosted pages. You can collect the addon and quantity details from the customer and then add the addon through the web interface or use our APIs. If you want the customer to update their payment information, you can send the hosted update payment method page and then add the addon to the subscription.

Creating a new subscription for the non-recurring addon will again land up in creating a new customer record if done through the hosted page.

Do let us know if you need any further help!

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