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Checkout onetime charge

I am trying out the checkout onetime charge hosted page API, but it only works with a 2Checkout gateway. But this payment gateway is no longer supported for new customers. How can a new customer do this?

Thanks for your help. The reason I want to use the hosted page is so we don't have to collect the card information ourselves. How do I collect the card information if I use the create invoice API?

Hey Christian,

If you'd like to collect the card information for the customer, you could use the "Update payment method" API and get the details on the hosted page. Then, you could either use "Create Invoice for Addon" or "Create Invoice for Charge" APIs to collect a one time charge from the customer.

Hi Christian,

One time checkout is currently not supported, so it won't be possible to do this via the hosted page. Sorry about that. You could, however, use the "Create Invoice for Charge" or "Create Invoice for Addon" APIs to charge the customer for one time purchases. Hope this helps!

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