Wordpress Integration Documentation


please consider an in-depth documentation branch about Chargebee + Wordpress setup.

Right now you get "0 results" on all Chargebee.com docs, and the plugin page feels old and it is incomplete.

It is really a pity I'm forced to ask support for help. Three days my site is broken and still now answers. Chargebee looks like an outstanding service, looking forward to use it at its full speed.

Thank you,


Hi Daniele,

Thank you for contacting us. We are answering your query via email.

I'm finding the same thing as Daniele... I just called and spoke with support about establishing a paywall once everything is installed/activated and they just emailed me a link to the Wordpress Plugin page.

Hi Matt,

you should probably come to this thread and join the conversation, if you like.


Have a great day,


Having issues with an error code with the WP plugin and I cannot find anything to support or help me with it. LOVE chargebee and it's functionality, but if I cannot get the plugin to work, I need to move on.

Hey Jasmine,

Sorry about the trouble you are facing. 

Could you please let us know the error so that we can help you further?

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