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Paid-for Subscription Cancellation Roll Back or default to Free Subscription?

Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the integration of ChargeBee with my service. A few words to explain:

To start with, I've assumed that it would be better for my requirements to work on a  one subscription per user basis.

Let's say i have two plans, one free and one pro (10$ a month for instance). 
In order to track the users of my platform, when a new user registers, I am creating a free subscription for him by default (up to him/her later to decide if he/she wants to change Free to Pro and vice versa).
I store the ChargeBee customer id in my database against the user record so I can retrieve his/her subscription.

Let's say I want to give a given user my pro plan to try for a given period (X months) without having him/her to enter their credit card info.
The only way I managed to update a current subscription from one free plan to a paid plan without entering payement details is by creating a 100% price reduction coupon for a valid date of X months.

Then my question is what happens after those X months if the user is not keen to continue with Pro features and does not enter credit card details? 
The given subscription status will change from 'in_trial' to 'cancelled' as I understand.
Is there a way to setup the system so that for any cancelled 'paid-for' subscription it automatically defaults to the free one?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Sammy,

Thank you for contacting us. We will convert this to a ticket and send you an email as soon as possible.