I am looking for some good payment gateway

Hi guys, I am launching soon my one web project and I have to setup some payment gateway. I was looking for gateway which I can implement to my  website with my own design and I found only stripe. But If I want to use stripe I have to have some type of USA ID and I am not from USA, so its not possible to do it. But can u help and do you know any other payment gateways which can I use? I have to be able to let people pay on my  website by credit card. My target location is India, UAE, KSA. Any payment gateway service provider which provide me international payment facility ???

Hi Prashant,

Most of the Indian Payment Gateways like CCAvenue support International credit cards.

Chargebee doesn't work with any Indian gateways due to certain RBI regulations.

For more information on payment gateways in India, I'd suggest you take a look at this Quora question.

Hope that helps!



There are many payment gateway options for your business like

PayU India
Citrus Pay

But form my point of view Try PayUMoney. It suits all your requirements as you mentioned in your post. I am also a businessman and used PayUMoney payment gateway, Excellent service and very secure method of payment.

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