SSO Direct Login Option

We currently use the SSO option for our website. This is great because it provides a seamless integration for our users. However, it would be nice if an option was available that allowed our users to directly login and access the portal without having to visit our site along side SSO.

A use case for this is as follows: A user creates a subscription for our membership based site. They stop using the site but forget to cancel their membership. Since they haven't logged into the site for a while, they forget their log in information. Since they only wish to cancel the subscription and they don't want to jump through hoops to get their log in information, they would just like to quickly go to the portal and cancel their membership.

This could possible be accomplished a few different ways. One, the user just needs the last 4 digits of his card and his last name, which will allow him to enter the portal and cancel his subscription. Two, the user could log in with his site credentials directly at the portal and the portal would make a webcall that was set up by the admins and update their site after the user canceled. Three, the user could request a password to their registered email address and log in directly to the portal.

This would allow us to put a 'Cancel Subscription' in our footers so that a user can directly cancel their subscriptions without having to log into our site first.

Hi Robert,

I'll create a ticket for this. Our team will look into your query and get back to you via email.

Hi Robert, 

How do you use Chargebee with your membership site? I'm trying to get this set up for Wordpress but am not sure if I need a service separate from Chargebee to manage member sign-on and access to restricted content.

hope you can help me - thanks in advance

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