Any available Payment Gateways that support wire-transfer payments?

Hello all,

I've been trying to find a good recurring billing solution for a mobile application we are developing for our client. Now Chargebee seems like a good fit, and i am excited to get started, but there is just one thing that is holding me back.

We are located in Europe, and so are the customers of our client. The preferred method of paying is mostly via wire-transfer / iDEAL (Netherlands) /  Giropay (Germany). And from what i can tell, most payment gateway providers are focused on creditcard payments.

Could anyone shed some light on this?

Kind regards,

Victor Gerritsen

Hi Victor,

Thank you for your interest in Chargebee.

Supporting payments via wire transfer as well as payment methods such as IDEAL and Giropay are definitely on our product roadmap. We will be working on this in the near future but we do not have an ETA right now.  

Yes, you're right, most of the payment gateways including the ones we support haven’t started supporting wire transfer payments yet. 

For payments collected via wire transfer, checks, DDs etc, in Chargebee, we currently have the option to set up offline payments and record the payments received.

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Hello Charanya,

Thanks for the answer. I've been looking into WorldPay, which is one of the payment providers that are supported by Chargebee, and it looks like they support payment via iDEAL / Giropay. I think we can start out with supporting those, and adding in wire transfers as soon as they become available.

Thanks for the support!

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