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Can I edit/delete my plans once they are created?

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If no subscriptions were ever created with a plan, then you can edit all the fields. But, if you’re editing a plan that already has subscriptions created using it, you can only edit the plan name, invoice name, plan id and redirect URL. 

If a subscription is no longer in a specific plan but an invoice was created using that plan before the switching the subscription to a different plan, the plan can still not be edited. This is because an invoice was generated using that plan and that invoice will be linked to the plan.


Plans that do not have any subscriptions associated with them can be completely deleted from ChargeBee and they won’t appear in the list of plans. Similar to editing plans, you cannot delete a plan if there were any invoices previously generated using it.


You can archive a plan if you no longer need it but the subscriptions that are already linked to it will be retained and continue to renew as configured. No new subscriptions can be created using archived plans.

These plans will be labeled as “Archived” as shown below, and they cannot be completely removed from the list of plans.

For more information, please visit - http://www.chargebee.com/docs/plans.html
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