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error 500 adding coupon on hosted checkout page

I created a monthly recurring payment, and a coupon named always to go with it, 100% forever, to test out the payment without having to start invoicing myself

when I try to apply the coupon on the checkout page, I get a 500 error from the hosted page and the following message appears on the bottom:

Sorry,Something went wrong when trying to process the request.

page log say:

POST https://<redacted>/pages/v2/<redacted>/apply_coupon 500 (Internal Server Error)

nothing shows up on network tab so I cant see the actual failing request/response

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Hi Lorenzo!

It looks like you’re using “Checkout Existing Subscription” API call without passing the “Plan”. ChargeBee does not use the plan that is already associated with the subscription and therefore you have to pass it while calling this API.

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