Include Additional Details of Metered Billing in Invoice

I really need to be able to include the details of any metered billing charges...not just a categorized line item.

My company provides voice/texting services to enterprises. We have a flat fee for voice, but charge for international calling. For texting we have tiered plans with overage charges. On the invoice we plan to have line items for international voice, international text and domestic text overage. We expect the customer will want to know the details regarding those particular, calling/called parties, call length, etc.

It's the details that I'm having trouble including in the invoice. I thought about using the API to include it in the Notes section; however, there is a 1000 character limit and it's likely details for our large enterprise customers will exceed that. Is there any other way to include details of metered billing charges?




Yes, that is a workable alternative...and was going to be our long term solution anyway.  Was just looking for a quick fix while we spin things up.  Thanks.



Just to add on to this question. I'm wondering if we can add the start and end date of each line item to the metered billing Invoice. That way, it will be clear the period for each item that the customer is paying for.

Right now, I can only update the description of an addon to append the start date and end date. However, for the main product, there is no way to dynamically add such information.

Any advice?



Hi Shao,

Yes, we understand the importance of adding term dates for the line items shown in the invoice. It is part of the "high priority" list and we'll work on it in the near future but we do not have an ETA for this at the moment.

Hi Chad!

The note has to be added at the subscription or plan levels for it to be reflected in the Invoice Notes and yes, it is limited by the number of characters. Instead, you could provide a link in the invoice that would direct the customers to a page with the call details in your website. Would that work for you?

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