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Allow user to put their subscription on "HOLD"

It would be great if a user could put their subscription on HOLD for a set period of time or indefinitely.  The user could reactivate their subscription through the customer portal, or it would automatically reactivate after the set period of time is over.

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Hey David! This is an important feature and it’s already part of our product roadmap. For now, a workaround would be to extend the billing date to one in the future so that the customer is not billed for the suspended period.

Thanks, Charanya.  I also read that another strategy could be to set up a subscription plan with a "$0" amount and have the user switch to that plan.  If I did that, would that user's $0 invoices count toward my quota for the month?

Hi David!

Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, you could use the "$0" plan method as well. A subscription with a "$0" plan will not generate any invoice.

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