Option to over ride free trial on a plan

We have a free trial offered on all our plans - sometimes we manually add subscriptions for customers where we have been having offline discussions and demo's etc and, in these circumstances, we have to give them a free trial.

We can manually tweak this once the subscription has been created so the trial period gets reduced to 1 day or even less for example but the customers gets notification emails so they end up with multiple emails and with conflicting information.

We would like the option to add a new subscription using a plan with a trial but to add it via the portal with no trial i.e. it goes active right away.

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There is no direct option to have this done. Here’s a possible workaround. When you create a subscription for your customer, create it without the email address. Then, change the trial end date (to start immediately) after which you can add the email address. This way, the customer will receive an email only after the subscription starts.

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